Guitar Lessons Bristol


When looking for Guitar Lessons Bristol who do you call? Ok sorry that’s an awful Ghostbusters pun but in all seriousness if you’re reading this article you’ve landed in the right place. Read on to find out why we believe we are the only choice for Guitar Lessons Bristol and surrounding areas and what makes us different to our competitors.

Guitar Lessons Bristol from MGTB

Mobile Guitar Tuition Bristol has been established for 6 years and is highly regarded on the guitar lesson circuit as the place to be when starting guitar lessons. Every student who has come to their first lesson with MGTB has continued taking lessons. That’s a hard record to uphold so how do we do it?

What makes MGTB different?

We are just guitar teachers delivering guitar lessons around Bristol I here you say so what makes you different from the competition?

Content Is Key

The lesson content we provide to our students is high quality and easy to follow. If you don’t need to know it we won’t clutter the page with it. We tailor our lessons to the individual so if you’re looking to progress in a certain area that’s the area we will focus on.

We don’t plan our lessons around what we like or prefer to teach. If you’re unsure of what you would like to learn which is very common at the earlier stages we will construct a structured approach to learning the guitar for you until you develop a specialist field or area you would like to pursue.

It’s All In The Delivery

We take pride in the way we deliver our guitar lessons throughout Bristol and beyond. Each guitar lesson we teach we want the student to leave feeling inspired and excited to practice outside of the lesson.

We are also contactable in between lessons as we would hate for you to waste a weeks practice if you’re unsure of something.

We always recomend spending an extra ten minutes after your lesson to repeat what you’ve been learning in lesson. That extra ten minutes will do wonders when you return to this later in the week.

Full – Time

Both our tutors Rich & Henry are full time guitar tutors meaning they spend their Monday-Friday planning lesson and delivering them throughout the Bristol area.

We don’t do this as a second income this is our full time occupation which means we are always looking to improve the service we deliver and the content we teach. There’s no “That Will Do” at the MGTB headquarters, if it’s not good enough we will not teach it.


Obviously this is important but not as important as experience. We both hold a Degree qualification & Diplomas in music and have extensive experience conducting guitar lessons privately, in schools, colleges and universities.

Homework Diary

Every student who takes guitar lessons with MGTB will receive a completely free glossy homework diary full to the brim with useful information and most importantly it’s your go to book in between lessons so you know exactly what you should be practicing. It’s also your ticket to discount at several local music shops.

Waiting List

This speaks for itself really. Yes we do have a waiting list. There’s several reasons for this. We could over subscribe ourselves but we believe the quality of our guitar lessons would drop considerably and then our reputation would be affected.

We are two guitar tutors so it’s hard to accomadate the growing demand for guitar lessons within the Bristol area. We have tried taking on other guitar tutors to help with the work flow but we have never been satisfied with the quality or commitment so decided early on we were the only ones who were passionate and motivated enough to deliver unique and quality guitar lessons in Bristol.


If we can explain a new subject or concept using a story then we will. We are not talking a once upon a time story here but a story speaking from experience or practical application. We find it’s the best way to get the message across and students always find this part of the lesson incitefull.

Concerts, Studio Experiences & Masterclasses

Studio Bristol

Each year we will arrange one or even two of the above events. We took all our students into a popular studio in Bristol last year and recorded an original piece of music. You can hear the song on Spotify or ITunes.

Concerts In Bristol

Want to play to a friendly crowd in a great venue in Bristol? Sign up to our next concert event happening February 2018 and tick this one off your bucket list.

Masterclasses In Bristol

Want to spend the whole day playing your guitar? Who’s doesn’t right. We held a successful masterclass at Somerdale Pavillion in Keynsham, Bristol recently giving students the information they really needed to know and the opportunity to work and jam with other musicians.


Don’t just take our word for it though. Check out some of the reviews we have received from happy students on our Facebook page and our Website.

For guitar lessons in Bristol make the right choice and study with Mobile Guitar Tuition Bristol. Book your first lesson and find out what everyone is talking about.