Custom Guitar Build – Part One

Custom Guitar Build – Part One

Custom Guitar Build 2018

Let Me Tell You A Short Story

Custom Guitar Build – If you’ve been playing guitar long enough then I’m sure at some point you’ve sat daydreaming over a custom made guitar. Who hasn’t right? It should have these pickups, made from this exotic wood and it will be this shape etc are some of the questions you might ask yourself.

Well this has become a reality for Rich as the process continues forward into 2018. We thought you might enjoy reading about the experience if you do decide to take the plunge and have your own custom guitar built.

Why Go Custom?

So I’ve been playing guitar for twenty years now and I can safely say I have played and owned a fair share of lovely guitars and also some really bad ones. I wont mention any brand names on this post but ask me in lesson if you would really like to know.

Does Price Matter?

I can honestly say it really doesn’t matter on price. As I mentioned earlier I’ve owned some lovely guitars and also some that have cost a small fortune and play like a plank.

A guitar is a personal item and completely individual to the player. What I really love you may really hate it’s that simple, you need to try a good few guitars to find out what you really like and also what you don’t like before you decide to go custom. Also your preferences and tastes will change over the years as mine certainly has.

Prepare For Lots Of Questions

If you do decide to go custom be prepared for lots of questions. I wasn’t expecting so many and I was a bit like a child in a sweet shop when I first visited the workshop. There’s lots of questions to be answered and these are very important ones and not something you want to answer on the spot.

Enjoy the process and really think about your requirements before you place your order. What do you really need and what don’t you really need. I started with an all singing dancing guitar and then scaled back from there with what was possible and at the end of the day you want a guitar that is 100% playable and not shaped like an elephant with tusks sticking out the sides. Trust me this is an option, you can have any shape possible but I choose to stick with the tried and tested shapes as if it’s not broke then don’t fix it, right?

The Process

The process itself is so exciting and I initially didn’t feel worthy of a custom built guitar when I went to place my order. Ive bought many a guitar off the shelf and that experience itself is so exciting, but this is on another level. You get to pick exactly how you would like the guitar to be and watch the process along the way and the excitement I will feel when I collect the guitar I’m sure will be incredible.

Too Expensive For Me

Now this is all down to your requirements and I’ll tell you I’ve not been the easiest customer due to my personal requirements. If you want a guitar made from Gold then yes you are going to pay for it, but if you want a practical guitar that’s a real player then this will cost you starting price of around £1700. Any extras on top or special requirements obviously will cost you more.

The thing to consider is with BREXIT and the cost of American made instruments soaring if you know what you want you are better going local and getting exactly what you want. My Fender guitar from PMT in Bristol cost me £1400 brand new around a year ago, now that very same guitar is £1800 and you’re getting nothing extra for your money.

What’s The Next Step

I’m now in the process of receiving regular picture updates from luthier Roy Harrill which is constantly building up my excitement and anticipation. You don’t get that even if you order a Customshop guitar from Gibson or Fender.

Next stage will be having the neck custom fit to my hands so it fits like a glove when I’m playing. If you’re considering a custom build I would definitely recommend checking out Harrill guitars and having a chat to Roy.

There’s so much to talk about in this post so expect a part two when I collect the guitar and possibly a demo video to show you what the guitar is capable of. Until then we wish you a Happy New Year and look forward to helping you achieve your guitar playing goals in 2018.

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