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Bristol Guitar Tutor – Richard Hillyer (BA Hons)

“Every guitarist has a story behind how they started learning the guitar, so here’s ours.”

Bristol guitar tutor Richard Hillyer started playing the electric guitar at age eight after being inspired by a Spanish guitarist on a family holiday in Menorca. Richard was privately taught up until age fifteen and continued his study of music through college and university after he left school. He performed regularly as a child gigging from age nine in social clubs and retirement homes, playing a variety of Shadows/Buddy Holly music.

Richard has entered numerous competitions over the years, one of which he came second in at the Fry’s Club Search For A Star Competition. He has also performed at the Lakeside venue where the Darts are televised, winning a Fender guitar presented to him by Bruce Welch from The Shadows. He also played for five years in a successful Pub/Wedding, Functions band called Outbreak.

Richard continues to regularly involve himself in performances and has deputised for many local bands including Tundra & Obsidian. Richard also performs regularly with a six piece Wedding/Function band called Freeze. Rich is a full time professional musician, making a living from performing, teaching and session work.

Richard has seven years teaching experience and has performed in thousands of venues all over the South West in the seventeen years he has been playing the guitar. He recently graduated with a BA Honours Degree in Professional Musicianship from the Bristol Institute Of Modern Music.

He has been lucky enough to receive master classes from guitarists such as Greg Howe (Michael Jackson’s Guitarist) Rene Woollard (Jessie J/Olly Murs/Cheryl Cole Session Guitarist) and has been taught by professional guitarists who regularly work for Guitarist, Total Guitar & Guitar Techniques magazines including Stuart Ryan & Jamie Humphries. Richard was also lucky enough to perform onstage with bassist Jet Harris from The Shadows.

Richard also featured in an interview on making a living as a Professional Guitarist in Total Guitar Magazine, issue number #257. He has experience teaching in schools as part of the South Gloucestershire Music Hub, so he’s  comfortable teaching in a group lesson environment.

Rich’s advice to someone learning to play the guitar is;

“Enjoy it! Don’t get to hung up on it sounding great from the beginning, it takes time. If the guitar is getting the better of you one day, put it down and return to it later or even the following day.

Learn something new every day, whether it be a simple riff or a whole song, you will progress forward. Listen to your guitar tutor and practice everything they ask you to, rememember you only get out what you put in.

Just remember learning the guitar is one of the coolest things you can do, remind yourself of that when the instrument frustrates you and continue forward.”

Henry - Musician Bristol

Bristol Guitar Tutor – Henry Wilson (BSc Hons)

Bristol guitar tutor Henry Wilson started learning the guitar when he was 12 years old. After breaking his leg falling off his bike Henry found himself sat on the sofa with a lot of free time. He asked his Dad to teach him a few songs and pretty soon it became his life.

Henry found a CD of ‘Eric Clapton Unplugged’ and just wanted to play like that!.

After a few years of playing the acoustic Henry was given a Hendrix CD. That moment he decided he simply had to get an electric guitar! Henry saved up every penny from his paper round and bought a bright red copy of a Gibson SG. He started teaching friends and family and really enjoyed helping people learn.

After his GCSE’s Henry choose to pursue the guitar and went to Filton College to study contemporary music. That’s where he met Richard.

During his time at Filton he developed an interest in film music and studio recording.

Henry spent a year working to save money and began learning the piano. In 2010 Henry left Bristol to study music composition at the University of Hertfordshire. He has since written music for several award winning student films including the Stanly Kubrick award winning ‘Ralph’ and a film called ‘Solitude’ directed by the ‘BFI young Director of the year’ Glyn Davies.

Henry also writes music for the production company Life Media UK and through them he has composed music for Future PublishingITV and his work has been featured on television.

Henry’s real passion has always been the guitar and at the end of 2013 he moved to London for a year to work on the world famous Denmark Street for the 90 year old music retailer ‘Rose Morris’. The street has been a hub for musicians for 100 years and it is now populated by guitar shops and live music venues. He learnt a huge amount about how guitars are made, how they work and how they should be looked after.

Henry returned to Bristol in December 2014 to pursue teaching, writing music and to be close to his family. He contacted Rich and they spoke about Henry joining Mobile Guitar Tuition Bristol. Henry has always admired Rich’s professionalism and feels very lucky to be a part of the company Rich has built.

Henry is looking forward to the future and hopes to help Mobile Guitar Tuition deliver high quality, tailored tuition to the aspiring guitarists in Bristol for a very long time.

Henry’s one piece of advice to someone learning the guitar is;

“Take it slow’. Break it down as much as possible. It’s very easy to be overwhelmed by a piece of music. Don’t look at the whole thing. Look at one bar, one note even. Learn that note really well and then move on to the next. The piece will soon follow.”

Guitar Lessons Bristol

Bristol Guitar Tutor – Oliver Bassingthwaighte (BMus Hons)

After graduating with a BMus Hons Degree in Music Performance in London, Bristol Guitar Tutor Ollie relocated to Bristol where he plays in various original projects around the city as well as Wedding & Function bands across the country. Ollie has been playing the guitar for twelve years and can teach beginners to advanced students alike up to grade eight standard.

Guitar Lessons Bristol

Nailsea Guitar Tutor – Ash Tucker

Ash is a professional guitarist and tutor based in Nailsea. Ash covers guitar lessons in Nailsea, Clevedon & Portishead areas. If you’re looking for a top guitar tutor who really cares about your personal progress then Ash is the guy for your lessons. Ash also manages the lessons at UWE in Bristol. Ash can be found on the weekends performing with his band The Stereo Jacks & supporting artists such as Elles Bailey.

Check out Ash’s Youtube page Here.